Parallel Space App : Use Multiple Accounts

Parallel Space App : Use Multiple Accounts

Parallel Space App, Want to Use the same app at the same time (Parallelly)? Reasons might be,

  •  Want to be more productive at both work and Relationships
  •  Build your Clash of clans Empire in your two accounts at the same time
  •  Use two social networks like two Messenger accounts without being in a time cut
  •  Want to be incognito about an app among others – Will be understood in further reading

Okay, Today we are going to use Parallel Space by which we can use two accounts in the same app. Probably one will be a personal one and an office one in the case of social networks and if you play games like clash of clans then you probably know the use of playing more than one account. So this can be referred as How to play two Clash of clans accounts in one device or How to use WhatsApp accounts in one device.

How to use Parallel Space App

Okay, let’s get started. Parallel Space App, as it promotes it has over 90 million users all over the globe and Almost every app in play store is compatible with Parallel Space App; So, it will not be a problem with your app compatibility with Parallel Space. Using Parallel Space App is a simple as any other typical app.

How to Setup your Cloned app in Parallel Space

Let’s get on with the Steps to follow:

Download Parallel space app

  • Download and Install the Parallel Space App in your device
  • Open the app and it will show the progress of the app as Building the Parallel space
  • You will see the Start Button after the progress completes.
  •  Then you will be taken to the Homepage of the app( if there is one 😀 )
  •  And then you would be given a list of all apps which you could create a parallel space (Clones)
  •  Select all the apps you want to select and click on Add to Parallel Space Note
  •  Then you would see that Facebook and Messenger are added to your Parallel space With or without selection

You have Successfully Setup your App in your Parallel Space.

Okay, then How to use it? We got you Covered Here’s how to use it.

How to use Cloned Apps in Parallel Space

After Successfully setting up the app is completed you will be taken to the Dashboard of the app showing all your cloned apps. Follow these steps to use Coned apps in Parallel Space:

Download Parallel space app

  •  Click on the Desired App you want to use
  • After it Opens, exit the app and go to your original app and use it
  •  Whenever you want to switch between these two apps use the Multitasking Button in the Taskbar
  •  Then you can switch the apps between each other

Watch Video Tutorial here:

How to use Incognito Mode in Parallel Space

As Parallel Space says it has an Incognito Mode in Built-in it let’s know How to use this Feature.Go to the Parallel Space Dashboard and Swipe left or click on the Incognito Tab

If it’s for the first time then it shows Three steps

As it says,

  •  Install an app on your phone.
  • Clone the app into Parallel Space.
  •  Uninstall the app on the Home screen.

Follow these steps to use This mode

  •  This does not use already installed apps so search one from search google play.
  •  Download and Install it.
  •  Clone the app in the Parallel Space as the default one.
  •  Then delete the existing app from the phone.


Before Checking the compatibility settings of the app. Check the Compatibility of your Device as it uses a heck a lot of memory.

Sometimes App doesn’t respond and closes by itself. It’s because of more memory usage and bugs Within the app.

If you are running low on space then don’t clone these apps at it doubles the app size and be careful to clear data before uninstalling the app.


1. Add new feature within Parallel Space that News Browse
2. Optimized the display of main interface
3. Optimized the starting speed of Parallel Space
4. Optimized the entrance and the content display of the PS Browser
5. Fix some bugs


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